Serenity Spa

A Facial and Waxing Studio

Serenity Spa is here to make relaxation attainable for anyone who needs it. Get pampered by a veteran Aesthetician & Waxing specialist, Tonya Atkinson. From facials to herbal body wraps, we want to relax your arms and legs, not make you pay with them! Serenity spa creates personalized treatments based on what you need. you will leave feeling rejuvenated and uplifted.  Located in Traverse City, MI. Serenity Spa is also passionate about supporting ministries such as the Swensen family. They are a missionary family, part of a church plant that focuses on the un-churched or de-churched people in North Muskegon, MI. 

Face Waxing

Face waxing can be tricky. We expose our faces to so much on a daily basis. Sun, wind, improper skin care, makeup, smoking, prescription medications and so on. Any one or a combination of these things can lead to a less than perfect face waxing experience. I do everything I can to prevent you from having a negative experience by starting with an intake form. This is not an invasion of your privacy or an unnecessary obstacle. It is vitally necessary. 

See "Medication Contraindications for Waxing" to know before you book, if you should not be waxed.

The most common reaction to face waxing is a histamine reaction. This is usually mistaken for a breakout, because it can look like little pimples. Or just be raised bumps. This does NOT mean you are allergic to the wax. It means the waxing process has stirred up the histamine on your body's system. Using an antihistamine will help the situation.